House Republican Leadership Statement on Glenn Youngkin’s Day One Game Plan

— Plan shows that Youngkin is listening to Virginians and their concerns —

Glenn Youngkin announced today his “Day One Game Plan” to provide a comprehensive overview of how he’ll be a Governor that works for all Virginians. From lowering the cost of living, addressing serious public safety challenges, and improving Virginia’s education system, Glenn Youngkin laid out his vision for Virginia.

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert, Caucus Chair Kathy Byron, and Caucus Whip Jay Leftwich issued the following statement:

“If there’s one thing that’s obvious from today’s policy announcement, it’s that Glenn Youngkin has been listening to Virginians. He’s heard from communities that are worried about the rise in murders, the release of violent felons onto our streets, and our broken mental health system.

“These aren’t simple problems, but Glenn Youngkin knows where the solutions begin — firing the Parole Board, bringing programs like Project Exile and Project Ceasefire to Virginia, and making sure our police have the resources they need to keep us safe.

“He’s been listening to Virginians frustrated with the DMV, the Virginia Employment Commission, and rising prices resulting from President Biden’s inflationary policies. Glenn Youngkin has a plan to ease the burden on our families and get the state government working again.

“We’re excited to see that Glenn has been listening to parents in regard to educational excellence. The move to end advanced math classes, de-track mathematics education as a whole, and end advanced diplomas is unacceptable, and we’re glad to see that a Youngkin administration would put a stop to it.

“Glenn Youngkin didn’t just roll out a raft of policies today. He rolled out a road map for a successful first year in office, and House Republicans are excited to work with him to see these ideas enacted into law.”